- Modeling & Portraiture -

I suffer from a vivid imagination and come up with ideas which might involve androids, forest faeries or parallel
universes. I find locations in abandoned hospitals or factories or travel to interesting places in Europe where I
might shoot in a church ruin built 700 years ago. I gather people to be characters in a story and often like to
create a shot which leaves the viewer wondering what is going on and wanting to see more.

Film Noir
Model Margot Carlson





The Greenhouse



Model Clementine O'Donnell



30 Seconds to Air
Model Clementine O'Donnell






The Dancers



Briane of Tarth



Notre Dame



Winter Faes



Celtic Girl






An Adventure in Space and Time


The Kill Zone



Kent Coast, UK




"There are little pockets of old time in London, where things and places stay the same, like bubble in amber." - Neil Gaiman "Neverwhere"



Lothlórien Autumn



Haunted Memory



The Movie Still
Model: Clementine O'Donnell



California Dreamin'



Before the Recital



Camden Town London



London Below



The Underground









Vivaldi Overdose



Pagan Autumn



The Dark Quartet
"Everywhere is something which could be beautiful. You must only to see and to know what and how to take off, to crop from the infinity." - Florin Constantinescu








The High Priestess



Waiting for the Storm





The Album Cover






"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen it's shadow from the sky." - Amelia Earhart



Jet Girls

Model Mayhem