Everywhere is something which could be beautiful. You must only to see and to know what and how to take off, to crop from the infinity. - Florin Constantinescu

As he entered the asylum, he was greeted with the usual plaster and asbestos dust. A cold draft was always present - even on a calm day. The smell of mildew and charred wood from the fires set over the years filled the air. He entered the long hallway to set up his Leica M3 for some time exposures with Ilford black and white film. A cello was leaning against a wall. A cello - in perfect condition. It was left as if the musician would return in a moment to play it. There was no bow. Sometimes locations contain happy accidents in terms of found objects. He set up a tripod and made several exposures. It was a week later before he found time to process the film. After dumping the fixer bath, he removed the film from the tank for a quick peek before the wash. On each of the frames with the cello in the shot there was a smudge on the film. He pulled out an 8X loupe and, to his amazement, it appeared to be a person standing against the wall. He shortened the rinse and wiped the negative dry rather than wait for it to air dry in his dehumidified darkroom. Upon printing, the translucent form of a young dark haired woman became visible. She was holding the missing bow.

Coaxing the charm out of grim settings one photo shoot at a time...


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