- Modelling & Portraiture -

I suffer from a vivid imagination and come up with ideas which might involve androids, forest faeries or parallel universes. Working out of San Francisco and the East Bay, I specialize in fashion, costume, cosplay and historic-themed photography and do the occasional still production photos for independent films and 48 Hour Film Projects. I use a variety of cameras ranging from modern DSLRs to classic 35mm and medium and large format film cameras.

I have used many unusual settings for projects, including abandoned factories, mental hospitals, industrial sites, the Paris Catacombs, the London Underground, as well as Victorian buildings, medieval castles and church ruins in Europe.

Conjuring an Angry Sky
Northern Ireland

Lothlórien Autumn


Time Exposure, London, Piccadilly Circus


Oakland CA


Joshua Tree, CA




Evee, Pennsylvania


San Jose, CA


Red Priestess and shadow binder Melisandre, California



Brienne of Tarth


Daenerys Targaryen, Northern California



On Your Shore - Kent Coast UK



Airship Engine Room

Steampunk: "A psuedo-Victorian melange of ideas, notions and possibilities intersecting
[with] a neo-apocalyptic dystopian future wherein the occupants reside within a
quasi-utopian, retro-technological and idealogical society.

(Generally while fighting Cthulhu from airships while wearing corsets and goggles)."



Neo Victorian, Steampunk, Film Noir - Massachusetts


We'll Always Have Paris
Channeling Ingrid Bergman






Dover UK



Somewhere in the Distance
San Francisco



The Vampires of LA
Hollywood CA



Mystery at the Abbey
Edinburgh Scotland









Forge of the Cybermen



Straight outta' Mordor
Costume by Cloak & Dagger Creations, Littleton MA



10 x 15 canvas



Costume Shoot
Dunblane Scotland


Dunluce Castle - Northern Ireland



The Golden Ratio



Finding Light in Dark Places



Golden hour portrait
San Francisco



The Ginger Major



Female WW II W.A.S.P. Pilot
Authentic Army Air Corps flightsuit from 1943
P-51 Mustang - Coatesville PA



Алёна and her MiG-17



Jet Girls
Upstate New York





Some Assembly Required



Earth Goddess

1940s Photo journalist







"There are little pockets of old time in London, where things and places
stay the same, like bubble in amber."
- Neil Gaiman "Neverwhere"


California Dreamin'



Before the Recital



In between photoshoots in London - 2011



Twiggy in the Underground



The Test Shot
When the next train came through, she was wearing nothing but the heels...
London, 2011






Vivaldi Overdose


The Dark Quartet
"Everywhere is something which could be beautiful. You must only to see and to know
what and how to take off, to crop from the infinity."
- Florin Constantinescu
Ruins of Henryton Asylum, Maryland



Yours is an Empty Hope
Henryton Asylum Maryland



Lissyviggeen Stone Circle (aka "The Seven Sisters"), County Kerry, Ireland



London, 2010


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