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Ghost Town

Haunted St. Elmo, Colorado

In July 2015 I was in St. Elmo Colorado with Model Wee Red Vixen. Never being one to pass up a supposedly haunted place, I found how to reach the remote town in the El Dorado National Forest. At over 10,000 ft (3048m), it was work hauling my 30 pounds of kit, but worth the effort. At least I wasn't the one wearing the corset.

​ There was wildlife everywhere, especially as the sun began to set behind the surrounding peaks. A herd of deer passed through and bolted straight up a nearly vertical ridge into a thick tree line. A friendly groundhog kept trying to get into a shot, and we were attacked by adorable chipmunks.

​ The two ghost images were done in-camera the old fashioned way - no Photoshop. With the DSLR I used the same long exposure, low light technique I use with film cameras.

​ The dress is authentic Victorian and was purchased in a shop In Glasgow Scotland.

​ A link to information about St. Elmo: https://www.legendsofamerica.com/co-stelmo/

Scottish model Wee Red Vixen with her antique Victorian dress from Glasgow.



In-camera "ghost" effect

The attack of the adoreable baby chipmunks



In-camera "ghost" effect

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